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Islam is the religion of kindness and its teachings emphasize strongly on this issue. One of these teachings is respectful reception of the guests. Islam condemns anyone who does not welcome the guests cordially.  There is a famous proverb among Iranian that says a guest is loved by God. According to the trainings of this ethereal religion, guest has a special place among Iranian.( tehran hotel )

Iranian Hospitality

Hospitality, a moral character that Iranian are famous for, refers to the works done to provide relief and convenience for the guest. This feature has been an obvious trait of Iranian from many years ago even from ancient time.

So, if you have decided to travel to Iran, you can travel with peace of mind. Wherever you arrive, from large cities such as Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Mashhad and Yazd to small villages, remote areas and even in the heart of desert, sure you will receive a warm welcome from Iranian. Contrary to the negative images portrayed by the media against Iran, Iranian like foreigners very much and welcome them kindly. This trait does not related at all to their economic status. In any economic situation, they try their utmost to provide comfort for you and help you in your affairs. They may invite you for a cup of tea, a meal or even bid you to stay at their house for a couple of days instead of hotel. They never want anything in return. They just like to show the real image of Iran and Iranian to the world. They want to demonstrate world that they are not spleenful and violent as media shows. 

Iranians enjoy talking to foreigners. A thing that you should know is that, they are curious to know your opinion regarding western countries' policy towards Iran. Usually youths like to start conversation with you about the political and economic status of your country and also your lifestyle. So, don't worry about these questions and just answer them kindly. Sure at the end you will leave Iran with sweet memories and never forget their warm reception.

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Tabriz and Sarein

As another main cities of Iran, we can name Tabriz.  In some periods of history, this city had been the capital of Iran and now it is the capital of East Azerbaijan province. This city is one of the main industrial centers in Iran.  Tabriz weather in winter is too cold and snowy, but it has mild and pleasant summers. People in this city mostly talk to Azeri Turkish language. Tabriz hand woven carpet is the main handicraft in this city which is exported to all countries in the world and is too popular.  (tehran hotel)
Although lots of monuments have been destroyed because of natural disasters like earthquake, some of them have still remained. The “ancient citadel of Tabriz” and “Kabood old mosque” are now the main historical places in Tabriz. You can visit a significant number of museums and old houses in this city such as Qajar museum, Azerbaijan Museum, Constitutional Revolution House of Tabriz (Mashrouteh museum), Document Museum, Iron Age museum, House of Seghat ol Islam, Haidarzadeh house, Behnam House (school of architecture) . (iran hotel)

“Tabriz old bazaar” is one of the main bazaars in Iran and Asia and with the area of about one square kilometer is the biggest covered bazaar in the world which was registered as a Word Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2010.This bazaar consists of several sub-bazaars like gold and jewelry, carpet and shoes bazaars. “Koofte” is the traditional food in this region. “Baslogh”, “Pashmak” and “Nogha” are of delicious sweetmeats of this city.
Sareyn is a small city which is located in the west of Ardabil province and in a distance of 3 kilometers from there. This city is too famous among domestic and foreign tourists because of its pleasant climate in summers and the existence of several springs located in it. The water which comes from Sabalan Mountain contains sulphur particles, so it is effective in the treatment of bone and joint pains.
Sareyn is also known for its vast ski resort located in the hillside of Sabalan Mountain.
Never forget to taste “Ash-e Doogh”, the traditional food and buy natural delicious honey in your trip to Sareyn.

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Northern Iran
Northern Iran is composed of three provinces: Gilan, Mazandaran, and Golestan which are located in the south of the Caspian Sea and the north of Alborz Mountains. The climate of northern coasts is hot in the summer and humid and mild in winters. ( iran hotel )



The center of this city is Rasht. This province is covered with forests. The reason of this pure vegetation is its privileged climate. Gilan has the first rank in the production of tea, olives, nuts and peanuts and the second rank in the production of rice.Anzali, Astara, Astaneh-e Ashrafiyyeh, Fuman, Lahijan, Langrud, Masouleh, Manjil, Rudbar, Roudsar, and Talesh, are of this province main cities.“Anzali port” is the main harbor of the province. Anzali Lagoon is an attractive place to watch birds. This city is also famous for Caviar production.“Masoule” city, “Rood khan” castle in Fouman city, Lahijan city, baazars of Anzali and Astara cities are of this province tourist attractions.(iran hotel )

Masoule is a historical city with pleasant foggy weather. It has cool summers and snowy winters. Masoule has a unique architecture. So that the courtyard of the upper building is the roof of the lower one. The area in front of houses and also roofs both used as footpaths.Rood khan” castle was constructed on the forest heights in the beautiful Roud khan village. This castle was selected as a national monument because of its structure, architecture and strategic features.

“Masal” city is known as the lost paradise of Gilan. Masal is considered as one of the main tourist areas in Gilan because of its temperate climate, forests, meadows and magnificent countryside. Moreover, a considerable number of monuments are placed in this city.Lahijan” city has been dubbed the tourist capital of the Islamic world. This city is located in the mountain area. Lahijan is famous for its tea plantations. Because of the mild weather and soil quality, the cultivation of tea has good results in this city.“Satan Mountain”, “Lahijan Telecabin” and “Amir kolaye international lagoon”are amongst this city Natural and recreational places. (hotel iran )

“Culucheh” is a traditional cookie belongs to Lahijan city.
Olive is cultivated in great extent in “Roud bar” and “Manjil” cities and the economy of these two cities depends on olive and olive-based products.
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Isfahan has been known for years as “half of the world” not only in Iran but also all over the world. By having more than 6000 historical sites dating back hundreds and thousands of years beside intact natural areas definitely granting this title to Isfahan is not surprising. Diverse kinds of handicrafts and fine arts have been passed on through generations in different cities of this province for centuries. All these reasons together have turned Isfahan into a permanent historical, natural and artistic museum. ( Iran Hotel )

The remained mementos from past years, all show the existence of culture and civilization at this region even at third millennium BC. Ancient hills such as “Tepe Sialk” in the suburb of Isfahan is a good evidence to prove this claim. Tepe Sialk had been the ziggurat and praying place for ancient people residing in this area. This monument was discovered after archaeological excavations in 1931. The objects found at the wreckage of this ziggurat at Isfahan province are kept already at Louvre Museum of Paris, Iran National Museum at Tehran, Kashan Fin Museum and also a museum located beside this ruins. Valuable and fabulous architecture of Isfahan monuments has caused some of these places to be located amongst UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. ()


surrounded by buildings and mansions remained from Safavid era. In the past, this square was being used for holding various ritual ceremonies and also playing polo stick. Nowadays, it has become a public walkway and a place for holding national and religious rituals. Historical monuments located at this square are Ali Qapu, Abbasi Mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque and Qeysarie Gate. In addition to these buildings, 200 two-floor chambers and stores are located around this square in which you can find the bests of Isfahan handicrafts and souvenirs. 

“Isfahan Historical Mosques and Cathedrals”

“Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque” is one of the most beautiful historical monuments of Isfahan which compel the visitors to admire its glory.

A significant number of temples and churches which were centers of worshipping the adherent of other religions at Isfahan are already amongst historical attractions of Isfahan province. Hakoup is the first church built by Christians in Jolfa district, Isfahan. However, the most famous church in terms of architectural and decorative paintings in this district is called “Vank” which was built in 1065.

Kouh Sangi fire temple is one of the oldest heritage of Isfahan, the remains of which is still seeable at Kouh Sangi Mountain. Niasar historical fire temple which has been placed at a high height cliff has a significant position amongst worshiping places. ( hotel Iran )

“Historical palaces”
Isfahan owes its famous to a great extent to Chehel Sotoun Palace.
Hasht Behesht Mansion is an unparalleled sample of palaces built in last years of Safavid Dynasty.
Ali Qapu Mansion with its unique architecture, is considered as a great mysteries of Safavid era.
In addition to these magnificent places, historical houses, gardens and minarets are also worth seeing.
All these together have caused Isfahan to be placed at this high position and the center of attentions amongst cities of Iran and annually attracts lots of foreign and domestic tourists to this area. 

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One of the cities that you have not ignore in your travel to Iran is Shiraz. Shiraz is the center of art, music and love songs. So, this city is an appealing destination for people interested in art and literature. 
In this article, I want to introduce the first five selected hotels based on TripAdvisor ranking.

Iran hotel)   Zandiyeh Hotel
Zandiyeh is a five-star hotel which offers high quality facilities and services to travelers. The price of rooms and other services are reasonable. This hotel has very helpful and polite staff who speak English very well. The well decorated rooms are tidy and spacious. Zandiyeh hotel has also very good position in the central part of Shiraz, near to the Vakil Bazaar, Saraye Moshir which is also a traditional Bazaar in Shiraz and also Karim Khan Citadel. This hotel has also pool, gym, spa and traditional Persian bath which are interesting for most travelers.


   Shiraz Grand Hotel
Shiraz five-star grand hotel is situated in the neighborhood of the holy Quran gate at the top of a mountain. So, because of its location you will have a good view of the city from this hotel, especially from its rotating restaurant on the 6th floor. This hotel has been constructed recently based on western standard. The rooms are big enough and clean. Separated sport complexes for men and women are of main advantages of Shiraz Grand Hotel.

Karimkhan Hotel  (hotel Iran )
Karimkhan is a three-star hotel. The hotel and rooms are decorated based on Iranian traditional style. The atmosphere of this hotel is really warm and the staff are friendly and helpful. The tea house of this hotel is interesting for guests too. This hotel does not have restaurant. So, you have to go outside for lunch and dinner. The breakfast is also served at a hotel next to Karimkhan hotel. A good point of this hotel is its reasonable price. So, if you want to receive good services with low prices, this hotel can be a good choice for you.

  ( hotel Tehran)  Homa Hotel
Homa hotel is one of the oldest famous hotels of Shiraz. It was Hilton hotel formerly at the time of Pahlavi era and after the Iran revolution, its name was changed to Homa Hotel. This hotel has a very big and luxury lobby in which you can sit and get relaxed and enjoy of the live piano songs. From Homa hotel, you will have easy access to main historical sites such as hafezieh, Eram garden and Vakil grand bazar. Azadi Park, which is the biggest park in Shiraz is located near to Homa hotel. So, most rooms have a great view of the park. The buffet breakfast and dinner are attractive and enjoyable for all travelers. 

  ( Tehran hotel) Elysee Hotel
Elysee is a four-star boutique hotel located in a cozy and quiet district of Shiraz. From Elysee hotel you will have easy access to the city center, main historical attractions and old bazaars of Shiraz just in less than 30 minutes. It is also about 5-minute walk from this hotel to the nearest metro station. As a good point, there are lots of shopping centers and malls around this hotel. So, you can dedicate your free time to shopping. Elysee staff welcome you warmly to this modern hotel. The buffet breakfast is appetizing. The rooms are clean and they have been decorated based on international standards. Each night, a musician plays a live music and sings Iranian songs in the Lobby of the hotel which creates a warm and friendly atmosphere for travelers.


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Isfahan is one of the major tourist destinations in Iran and annually lots of tourists visit this ancient city. There are two types of hotels in Isfahan: modern hotels and traditional houses. Modern hotels are like ordinary hotels all over the world and traditional hotels are old houses which have been changed to hotels for those travelers interested in old places. In this article, we will introduce the 5 top-rated hotels in Isfahan based on travelers’ ranks on TripAdvisor.

(Hotel Iran


 Hasht Behesht Apartment Hotel 

One of the main advantage of this apartment hotel is its good location that from which you will have easy access to most of historical and ancient sightseeing and it is just five-minute walk from Imam Square. The rooms are big enough and clean. The kitchens are well equipped with fridge, electric stove, electric water kettle, dining table sets, pots and pans. So, you have the option to cook for yourself. Breakfast will be delivered and served at your room each morning and it has very friendly and helpful staff. All these advantages have caused this hotel to be chosen as the most favorite hotel between travelers. (Iran hotel )


 Abbasi Hotel (Iran Hotel booking )

Abbasi hotel is known as the most famous hotel of Isfahan and it is the first choice of nearly all foreign travelers. The most amazing thing that attract the attention of all people at first glance is the magnificent traditional architecture of this 5-star hotel at Isfahan. Staying at rooms at the old wing with garden view are suggested because the view of these rooms is very pleasant. The inner courtyard design is based on Old Persian Garden. A wide variety of services are available at this hotel, such as: fitness center, swimming pool, business center, sauna, different restaurants serving high quality and delicious meals and a popular traditional tea house. The location of Abbasi hotel is also perfect and from which you can go to visit Imam Square by foot in just few minutes.

Tehran hotel



 Viana Hotel (Isfahan Hotel)

Viana is a one-star hotel which is managed by a kind and helpful local family. At this hotel you feel like you are at home. Viana hotel is a bit far from city center and main historical attractions, however you can easily reach the city center with taxi. The main advantage of this hotel is its fair price. This hotel at Isfahan has been newly renovated and the rooms are clean and comfortable.


 Kowsar Hotel (Hotel Isfahan)

Kowsar is a 5-star hotel located in the heart of Isfahan across the “Zayandeh Roud” River and the “Si-o-Seh Pol” Bridge. It is an old hotel which has been renovated completely few years ago. From this hotel, you can go easily by foot to the Armenian district of Isfahan and visit Vank cathedral. It is also 10 to 15 minute walk from this hotel to the center of town. Passengers have mentioned that serving breakfast at the restaurant located on the top floor of hotel with the view of river is one of the best features of this hotel.

Hotel Tehran



(Iran hotel booking) Setareh Hotel

One of the main advantages of Setareh 4-star hotel is its location, because most of the famous historical sights of Isfahan are located within walking distance from this hotel. Rooms at this hotel are nearly small but they are clean.


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 Skiing is one of the most attractive recreations in Iran. Iran is famous for its International and high quality ski resorts in the world. Because of placing Alborz and Zagros mountain ranges and also Sabalan and Sahand heights in Iran, a numerous number of ski resorts has been constructed on the slope of these mountains. Up to present, there are thirteen international ski resorts in Iran.


“Dizin” which is placed in northern mountains of Tehran (Gajereh district), is not only the main ski resort in Iran, but also the most authentic one in the Middle East area. It is also the first ski resort in Iran which was approved by the International Ski Federation for holding international official tournaments. It is equipped to three cable cars, two ski lifts, seven dish teleskis and one hammer teleski. Two hotels of “Dizin” and “Gajereh” and also some other residential centers, cottages and restaurants around it are ready to offer services to ski lovers.After Dizin, “Shemshak” which is placed 57 Km away from north-east Tehran, is the second main ski resort in Iran.“Tochal” is one of the most popular ski resorts which is located in the heart of “Shemiranat” district, Tehran. Because of high height of Tochal summit, it is covered with snow and so usable in nearly 8 months of the year. From the western slopes of Tochal resort, you can enjoy thebeautiful scenery of surrounding mountains.

for more information  Hotel iran Hotel tehran , Iran hotel please visit that page.




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Situated in the Persian Gulf just south of the port city Bandar Abbas, Qeshm is famed for its unspoilt natural beauty and diversity. The largest island in the Persian Gulf, Qeshm boasts some particularly impressive geological features: the Namakdan salt caves, for example, are reportedly the longest of their kind in the world. The intriguing erosions of the Chahkouh Valley are also worth a visit, if only for the eerie, post-apocalyptic ambiance they provide.

for more information  Hotel iran , Hotel tehran , Iran hotel


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The historical city of Kashan is a part of Isfahan province. This city has a warm and dry climate. Qamsar and Abyaneh are two towns around Kashan which are interesting for lots of tourists who would like to stay in Iran hotels (hotel Iran) . Qamsar town is famous for producing rose water. In early May, you can smell the sweet fragrance of rose spreads over the streets of Qamsar and Niasar. Every year from early May to mid-June a ceremony is held in different towns of Kashan. Annually, lots of tourists participate in this ceremony. The attendance of foreign tourists helps much in improving Kashan economy.


Of Kashan important monuments that has still remained we can name "Agha Bozorg Mosque""Jalali castle""Sultan Amir shrine and bath""Fin Garden and Bathroom""Jameh Mosque of Kashan" and "Kashan Bazaar"

There are at least nineteen historical mansions with sophisticated architecture and luxurious elements in Kashan. "Boroujerdi House""Ameri House""Tabatabaei House" are some of these glorious mansions. There are some good hotels on this region, which can be reserved easily with good quality. For more information about Tehran hotel (hotel Tehran) please visit our website and about Iran Attractionlist you may visit the page.



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As previosly we said, Yazd has a lot of attractions which you can read about some of them on ferdowsihotel Articles. For those tourists who like to reserve Iran hotels (hotel Iran) it would be fun to see those amazing places and enjoy.

And also we should remind you that not only Tehran hotels (hotels Tehran) have good quality but also Yazd and other cities have good hotels with good quality too.

“Dolatabad garden” is an old garden located is Yazd. Its windward mansion is the tallest brick tower in the world which is also registered in the UNESCO World Heritage site. This garden is formed of two parts: inner and outer parts. The construction of Dolatabad historic qanat which is composed of five qanats dates back to more than 200 years age.


“Amir Chakhmaq Complex” which is located in one the Yazd main squares is composed of a mosque, bazaar, a caravanserai, a tekyeh, a bathhouse, a cold water well, and a confectionery. The name of this complex is amongst the Iran National Heritage List. This place is one of the most outstanding historical and tourist sites in Yazd.

“Malek-o tojjar” hotel has been established in a historical house of the same name. This hotel is located in the historical context of Yazd, next to” Khan Market Square”. This historical house was built nearly 120 years ago during the reign of the Qajar.



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