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Yazd is 427 miles south of Tehran (Tehran Hotels are known as best Iran Hotel. Therefor if you like to travel to the capital city of Iran, stay in best hotels Iran (hotels Tehran) and enjoy visiting this amazing historically city) and midway located between Isfahan and Kerman. Yazd is well connected to the rest of the country by Planes, trains and buses.


People of Yazd province in Persian of spoken with some dialectal feature.


Before the arrival of Muslims in Iran, the people of Yazd were like Zoroastrians as well as of other parts of Iran with the extinction of the Sassanian rule in the first half of the Century. Most people in parts of Iran including Yazd Province, converted To Islamic religion, but some of them continued to pay royalties and remained Zoroastrians.

Climate of

Climate of Yazd province is two main causes of dryness. First, it is located on the Worlds dry belt, and is the far from the Omani and Persian Gulf and internal lakes and wetland winds.

Souvenirs and handicrafts

In addition to textiles and peculiarities of produce, special types of sweets are also provided Witch have many fans in all over the world and even around the world the main sweets in Yazd include Baklava, Pochtok , Lushnarigil , Promenx , Brass Bread, Haj Almond, Haj Pistachio and Haj Gharwo . Zolbia, Elephant Corners and a Variety of delicious, Deliciously cooked and Delicious sugary delicacies.

Top 10 Attraction Yazd

Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Jameh Masque Of Yazd, Dowlat Abad Garden, Lariha House, Khan Bazaar, Alexander Prison, Zoroastrian Prison, Mountain Park Yazd, Yazd Water Museum, Shish badgiri ab anbar, Markar Clock Tower, Saadat Factory, Zanbil mill, Qasr-e- Ayeneh.


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Islam is the religion of kindness and its teachings emphasize strongly on this issue. One of these teachings is respectful reception of the guests. Islam condemns anyone who does not welcome the guests cordially.  There is a famous proverb among Iranian that says a guest is loved by God. According to the trainings of this ethereal religion, guest has a special place among Iranian.( tehran hotel )


Hospitality, a moral character that Iranian are famous for, refers to the works done to provide relief and convenience for the guest. This feature has been an obvious trait of Iranian from many years ago even from ancient time.

So, if you have decided to travel to Iran, you can travel with peace of mind. Wherever you arrive, from large cities such as Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Mashhad and Yazd to small villages, remote areas and even in the heart of desert, sure you will receive a warm welcome from Iranian. Contrary to the negative images portrayed by the media against Iran, Iranian like foreigners very much and welcome them kindly. This trait does not related at all to their economic status. In any economic situation, they try their utmost to provide comfort for you and help you in your affairs. They may invite you for a cup of tea, a meal or even bid you to stay at their house for a couple of days instead of hotel. They never want anything in return. They just like to show the real image of Iran and Iranian to the world. They want to demonstrate world that they are not spleenful and violent as media shows.

Iranians enjoy talking to foreigners. A thing that you should know is that, they are curious to know your opinion regarding western countries' policy towards Iran. Usually youths like to start conversation with you about the political and economic status of your country and also your lifestyle. So, don't worry about these questions and just answer them kindly. Sure at the end you will leave Iran with sweet memories and never forget their warm reception.

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One of the cities that you have not ignore in your travel to Iran is Shiraz. Shiraz is the center of art, music and love songs. So, this city is an appealing destination for people interested in art and literature.
In this article, I want to introduce the first five selected hotels based on TripAdvisor ranking.

( Iran hotel )   Zandiyeh Hotel
Zandiyeh is a five-star hotel which offers high quality facilities and services to travelers. The price of rooms and other services are reasonable. This hotel has very helpful and polite staff who speak English very well. The well decorated rooms are tidy and spacious. Zandiyeh hotel has also very good position in the central part of Shiraz, near to the Vakil Bazaar, Saraye Moshir which is also a traditional Bazaar in Shiraz and also Karim Khan Citadel. This hotel has also pool, gym, spa and traditional Persian bath which are interesting for most travelers.

   Shiraz Grand Hotel
Shiraz five-star grand hotel is situated in the neighborhood of the holy Quran gate at the top of a mountain. So, because of its location you will have a good view of the city from this hotel, especially from its rotating restaurant on the 6th floor. This hotel has been constructed recently based on western standard. The rooms are big enough and clean. Separated sport complexes for men and women are of main advantages of Shiraz Grand Hotel.

Karimkhan Hotel  ( hotel Iran )
Karimkhan is a three-star hotel. The hotel and rooms are decorated based on Iranian traditional style. The atmosphere of this hotel is really warm and the staff are friendly and helpful. The tea house of this hotel is interesting for guests too. This hotel does not have restaurant. So, you have to go outside for lunch and dinner. The breakfast is also served at a hotel next to Karimkhan hotel. A good point of this hotel is its reasonable price. So, if you want to receive good services with low prices, this hotel can be a good choice for you.

  ( hotel Tehran )  Homa Hotel
Homa hotel is one of the oldest famous hotels of Shiraz. It was Hilton hotel formerly at the time of Pahlavi era and after the Iran revolution, its name was changed to Homa Hotel. This hotel has a very big and luxury lobby in which you can sit and get relaxed and enjoy of the live piano songs. From Homa hotel, you will have easy access to main historical sites such as hafezieh, Eram garden and Vakil grand bazar. Azadi Park, which is the biggest park in Shiraz is located near to Homa hotel. So, most rooms have a great view of the park. The buffet breakfast and dinner are attractive and enjoyable for all travelers.

  ( Tehran hotel ) Elysee Hotel
Elysee is a four-star boutique hotel located in a cozy and quiet district of Shiraz. From Elysee hotel you will have easy access to the city center, main historical attractions and old bazaars of Shiraz just in less than 30 minutes. It is also about 5-minute walk from this hotel to the nearest metro station. As a good point, there are lots of shopping centers and malls around this hotel. So, you can dedicate your free time to shopping. Elysee staff welcome you warmly to this modern hotel. The buffet breakfast is appetizing. The rooms are clean and they have been decorated based on international standards. Each night, a musician plays a live music and sings Iranian songs in the Lobby of the hotel which creates a warm and friendly atmosphere for travelers.

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